What is Dice World?

Dice World is a game mode where players face different Dice Masters to progress to a final event where all players race each other to the end!
In the Dice World Lobby, you can see your progression as you play against Dice Masters. To see the upcoming Levels, Dice Masters, and the Dice World Race, swipe the screen to the left.
When you beat all the levels in a specific Dice Master stage, you will get bonus rewards!
For details of each element in the Dice World Lobby, see the breakdown below:
1) Timer for the current Dice Master World/Dice World Free Passes (Use these for Challenge entries instead of Bonus Rolls)
2) Star Catcher event timer.
3) Dice World level and bonus rewards.
4) Hard Level Indicator.
5) Stage Track (A track with all levels in a Dice Master's stage)
6) Stage Rewards (Earn these when you complete all of a Dice Master's Levels)
7) Star booster.