What is Prize Climb Bowling?

Prize Climb Bowling is an event where you can play Bowling with Yahtzee!

You will play against an opponent! Win the match and get Golden Pins to advance in the progression full of fantastic rewards!


Win the Grand Prize before the event ends!


What is my goal in Prize Climb Bowling?

Your goal is to earn Golden Pins in order to advance, earning amazing rewards before the event ends!


How can I earn golden pins?

You can get Golden Pins by playing! The final score you get at the end of the match will transform into Golden Pins; the higher your score, the more Golden Pins you will get! 


If you win the match your pins may be multiplied!


How can I win a match?

You win a match by having a higher final score than your opponent! How can you increase your score? By knocking down pins! Prize Climb Bowling’s scoring system works the same as in classic bowling games. If you get a spare or a strike, you will get bonus points!


Once the match ends, the score will transform into Golden Pins; if you win, you may get a multiplier to get even more Golden Pins!


What happens if I lose a match?

If you lose the match, you won’t get a multiplier but your score will still transform into Golden Pins!


How does the match work?

  • First, you need to place the ball on one of the first circles and aim with the arrows in the desired direction

  • Then you have to submit the categories in order to improve the throw aiming and power (Hint: Try to reach the white line on your color bar!)

  • After scoring in all the categories needed, the ball will be thrown!


How do I aim?

You need to place the ball in one of the three circles and tap or drag the arrows in either direction to adjust your aim. You can also move the position by swiping on the large arrow!



Does the aim matter?

Absolutely! You won’t get a good result, no matter how well you scored in your categories, if you don’t place and aim the ball strategically!

How do my category scores influence my throw?

The more points you score on your categories, the easier it will be to knock down pins, and the more accurate the shot will be!


There is a color bar that will fill up as you score in categories. , It starts with red, then orange, then yellow, and finally green. The color indicates how good you did on the categories and how good the shot will be.


Depending on which color you end shooting, the result will be different:

  • Red has a very high chance of being a gutterball

  • Orange allows much more accuracy

  • Yellow will go in the direction you’ve aimed, but the shot won’t be at maximum strength

  • Green is the best possible shot! The ball will go where you’re aiming and has a great chance of knocking down multiple pins


What are the small icons in some of the categories for?

Those icons are “power”. When you submit a score more than 0 on a category with a power, the power will help fill up a Knockdown!

The Knockdown is a powerful skill that you can activate to knock down all the pins!

How can I activate the Knockdown?

To activate the Knockdown, you need to get as many power icons as it is required! Once the Knockdown is ready to be activated, you can tap on it during the submission stage and knock down all the pins!



How can I do a Strike?

There are two ways to do a strike:

  • Place the ball on the correct aiming and submit enough scores on the categories to reach the green progress bar color.

  • Use the Knockdown!


Is my score included in the daily chest goals?

No, the score will only matter to improve the quality of the shot!


What happens when I get all the rewards from the progression?

As you progress, You will get different rewards when you achieve a specific number of Golden Pins; at the end of the progression, you can get the grand prize! It can happen two different things depending on the event:

  • The event is over, and no more entries will be allowed until a new one starts

  • An infinite event starts and it will end only when the event time ends!

In the infinite mode, you will be able to continue playing to get more minor rewards.

Note: Infinite Mode will not always be available in every Prize Climb Bowling event.


When the event is over?

When the timer from the lobby ends!