What is the Dice Derby?


Dice Derby is a new feature where you will compete with other players (for real!) in exciting horse races in different places around the world!

You move your horse forward using your Yahtzee skills. You can submit in one of three categories to move your horse forward. Scoring in better categories increases your horse's speed.


Are my opponent's real players?


What is my goal in the Dice Derby?

Your goal is to reach the finish line first! Each season will have a series of races to play, and at the end of every race, you will earn RIBBONS.

You can win awesome rewards and a huge amount of BR if you finish in first place!


What are ribbons used for?

You can use ribbons to buy a lot of stuff in the Stables: new horses, scratchers, carrots, tickets, etc...

Can I change my horse for another one?

Yes! You can buy another horse in the Stables. You can access it through the stables button in the Dice Derby Lobby.

But to do that, you have to win as many ribbons as possible in the races for that season.



Are some horses better/faster than others?

No, all horses perform the same. The race depends only on your skill with Yahtzee!

We have different horses to provide cosmetic customization to fit your style; go for the one you like the most!


Can I buy horses with BR?

No, sorry.

You can ONLY buy horses with ribbons.

You can ONLY earn ribbons by participating in races.


Can I save my ribbons for the future?

No, every season, your ribbons balance (currency) is reset. Next season you will have a new ribbon currency, so if you don’t want to lose them, you must spend all of the ribbons before the season ends.


What are the different entry tickets for?

You can use BR to boost your rewards at the end of the race! If you “set the stakes” higher, you can win better rewards.

You can check all of the rewards for each position by entry cost using the INFO button.



How can I charge my booster?

Your booster is charged with the amount you score every time you submit the dice in a category. You can also spend BR to fill the rest of your booster once you have it partially filled.


How many boosters are there?

There are four(4) boosters:

  • Giddy Up: Your horse sprints forward!

  • Catch Up: Your horse advances to the position of the horse in front of you. It doesn’t appear for the first horse of the race.

  • Fence: A fence appears in the horse's path in front of you. If you are first, it appears in the path of the horse behind you. When a horse hits the fence, it is slowed temporarily.

  • Lightning: A lightning bolt hits all of your opponents, and they are all slowed temporarily.


What is the golden button over the booster?

You can trigger a better version of the booster if you use the golden button.

But to do that, you have to spend 1 CARROT or, if you don’t have any, you can use BR.


Where can I find CARROTS?

You can buy them in the Stables with ribbons!

When is the event over?

You can check it by tapping on the calendar button in the Dice Derby Lobby. This will tell you how much time is left to play Dice Derby!

It also tells you when the next race will start and when the current season of Dice Derby ends!


Is my score included in the daily chest goals?

No, at the moment, your score is only used to charge your booster.

What is the difference between an event and a season?

A season of Dice Derby lasts for six(6) weeks, and it’s made up of several events, or races, in different locations. With new horses arriving every two(2) weeks. Featured horses will rotate out after their two(2) week period in the spotlight, so make sure to get them before they’re gone!