How does it work?

In each round of Survivor, you'll submit scores in either 3 or 4 categories. In order to pass each round, you'll need to meet or exceed the target score. There will be a time limit for each round so make sure you choose your rolls quickly!
Players' game pieces will turn green as they pass to the next round or red if they fail.
Please note: it may take up to 30 seconds for a game to start after you have entered the arena.

How are rewards granted?

Rewards are granted according to the highest round that you passed while playing Survivor. You will win only the rewards for the top round you achieved.
If you do not see your rewards after playing the event, look for a Survivor card in the Your Games list. Tapping this will grant you those rewards! Or check your reward inbox!

Can I keep playing if I fail?

If you fail to meet the target score for a round, you may have the opportunity to pay a certain amount of Bonus Rolls to bypass that level.
Please note:
Not every level will have an opportunity for a bypass and there will be a limited amount of times each player can bypass their levels.

What is the Jackpot Round?

Only one player can win the jackpot in the final round.
In the Jackpot round, unlike all the other rounds you'll need to be the highest scorer in that round to win that prize. If more than one player achieves the same high score in the Jackpot round, there will be a tiebreaker round!

What are the icons that is see over the pawns?

In Survivor, you can make expressions that other players can see before the first round or in-between rounds! To use these, simply tap the text bubble above your game piece when it is available!