There are several different circumstances which cause ads to appear for players. Those circumstances determine how a problem may be handled, so please read on to learn more:
The ad won’t close - If you can’t close an ad once it’s finished, this is something we want to know about! We would appreciate it if you could press that chat button in the upper right corner and let us know the following:
  • A screenshot of the advertisement (If you can get one!). This is the most beneficial thing we can receive because it helps our teams track down problematic advertisements very quickly.
  • If a screenshot isn’t possible, a description of what the advertisement was about will be great.
  • How often does the advertisement show up
  • Where do you live? Ads sometimes show up based on your location, so knowing where you are when you see the ad can help! We don’t need to know your exact address - just your State/Province (US and Canada) or country, please.
2. Crash/Freeze- If you experience a crash or a freeze on an advertisement, you may not need to contact us. We actively monitor our ads for crashes and issues of this nature and are likely already working to address the problem you’ve encountered. Please check our known issues section at the start of this FAQ to check and see if we have any advertising-related issues listed there.