How Does Piggy Bank Work?
When Piggy Bank is available, bonus rolls can be added to the bank if you spend a bonus roll. Check the Piggy Bank icon for details on your piggy bank earning rate!

Please note: High Roller entry fees do not count towards Piggy Bank Bonus Rolls

Where is Piggy Bank?
While Piggy Bank is available, Piggy bank will be in the Home Lobby across from Families.

Breaking your Piggy Bank
You can pay to break your Piggy Bank and collect all the Bonus Rolls in it! To get the best deal, try to fill it up entirely before buying!
Please note:  You will only be able to break the Piggy Bank once available. See the timer below the piggy bank icon for details. Once the timer goes down to zero, that Piggy Bank will disappear! You may also be unable to break the Bank until it reaches a certain value. (For instance: 380 out of 420)

How do I get Piggy Bank?
Some groups of players will have access to Piggy Bank, and some will not. If you do have access, you will see it in your Home Lobby! Additionally, Piggy Banks are customized for each player so that many players may have a different Piggy Bank earning rate, Bonus Roll capacity, or price. If you'd like to learn more, you can always take a look at the Piggy Bank icon while Piggy Bank is running.