Adventure Coins
Adventure coins are used to unlock the Adventure map. Collect coins throughout the game where you see the Adventure coin icon. You can also navigate to the “Earn” tab at the bottom of the Adventure Map. Coins can be collected in the following place: --Dice Master Showdowns --Tournaments --Fast Plays --Player vs. Player Games
  • Please Note: Coins are event-specific and will expire as soon as their Adventure ends.
Navigate over to the Adventure map to see the map and tiles. Each tile will indicate the number of Adventure coins needed to unlock. Unlock tiles to collect rewards. Some prizes need to be collected a few times before earning the reward. Look at the bottom of the Adventure Map to see how many of each prize are needed to earn the reward. You can also use your Adventure coins to buy the needed coins to unlock rewards.
Be sure to check how much of each prize is needed to earn that reward. To find this out, look at the bottom of the Adventure Map.
Why is my number of coins wrong?
If you are seeing a discrepancy between the number of coins under “Rewards” and your actual Adventure Map, please force close and reopen the application and allow for it to reload.