The bonus rolls are everywhere! We want you to enjoy the game to its fullest and have added many ways to get bonus rolls. These include:
  • Leveling Up - Grab some achievements and level up! When you hit the new tier, you’ll get some free bonus rolls and be rolling in the rolls.
  • Winning Tournaments - If you score high enough, you’ll get free bonus rolls. With the right mixture of luck and strategy, you can get a cache of bonus rolls for one good game!
  • Match of the day: You can find your match of the day in your “Start Games” section. Once you complete this, you will get a bonus roll.
  • Classic, Super, and Mega Scratchers all have the chance of winning bonus rolls!
  • Earn bonus rolls if you invite someone through Facebook to play the game who does not have an account. Note: They must use your link to sign up for you to earn the bonus rolls.