Basic Gameplay
If you’re confused about how to simply play Yahtzee, look no further!  At the core, Yahtzee involves rolling dice combinations to score points throughout 13 turns. Scoring more than your opponent wins you the game!
A basic turn starts with rolling all five dice. You can choose to “hold” any number of dice and re-roll the remaining dice. At any point, you can always stop rolling and play your score. Normally you’re limited to two additional rolls after your first roll; however, if you have bonus rolls available, you can spend them to get an additional third roll.
Once you’re out of rolls, or if you elected to stop rolling early, it’s time to play your score. Tapping on any space on your scorecard will apply your score to that space. Each space has its own scoring rules, and you can view those rules by checking out the scoring right below the description. If you’re satisfied with the score for that space, pressing the “Play” button will end your turn. Once you press the play button, there’s no going back!
At this point, the game will shift to your opponent’s turn, and they’ll go through the same process you did. This goes back and forth for 13 turns of each player until the entire scorecard is filled. The player with the highest score wins!