What is "High Rollers"?

"High Rollers" is a feature where you can choose which skill level and tier you wish to compete at. The Higher the Tier, the higher the rewards! If you beat your opponent in that tier, you will receive the rewards!


Where is High Rollers?

To navigate to High Rollers:
  • From the home screen, go to “Events”
  • You will find “High Rollers” in the Events Lobby
  • Tap on "New Game" from the home screen where you will find "High Rollers"

What tiers are there?

Bronze Tier - Level 8 Required
Silver Tier - Level 10 Required
Gold Tier - Level 12 Required
Platinum Tier - Level 14 Required

What are the differences between the tiers?

Each tier has its own Wagering Fee. The higher the tier you choose to battle in the higher the wagering fee. Comparatively, the higher the wagering fee, the higher the reward..