In-game advertisements allow us to keep Scrabble GO completely free-to-play. It also supports continued development of improvements and new features in-game.

However, we completely understand the need to have these ads removed. There are a couple of ways you can play ad-free.

Purchase a 'No-Ads Charm' from the Shop

By purchasing one of these charms, you will be given a certain amount of advertisement-free time depending on the purchase. Remember to go to your inbox to activate the charms. It can go from 10 minutes to up to 3 days of ads-free playtime.

Subscribe to Scrabble Club

By purchasing a subscription to Scrabble Club, you will enjoy these benefits:

- no advertisements in-game
- access to Scrabble Scholar which will tell you the best moves and strategies to win a match
- 1 free daily arena ticket

The subscription will roll over each month following your initial purchase.

PLEASE NOTE. Purchasing Scrabble Club will remove ads from the game, however, you will still see ads for the optional prize rewards and booster purchases.

90-days No Ads (Classic Mode Users)

By purchasing this offer, you will experience 90 days of play time without any advertisements.

Hope we were able to help you out. Thank you and keep safe!