Collections Home:

1. Past Collections
This will show you the past Collections where you will be able to see all of the information for each one, such as the Albums, Cards and Tiles
2. Inventory
Here you will be able to see all of the Tiles & Frames that are available and also the ones that you have unlocked. You can see which items you currently have equipped and you can also equip new items from here.
3.  Featured Sets
Here you can see the Collections that are currently live in the game. Tap to enter the the Collection to see more information.
4. Progress Bar
On the front of the album, you can see your current progress towards earning a new Tile!
5. Scrabble Coins
Scrabble Coins are not unique to any Collection. You can collect them to get a tile from any of the past Collections. Tap 'View' to see what Tiles you can earn!

The Albums:  

1. The Tiles
Here you can see the Tiles for this particular Collection. These are the tiles that you can earn for each set.
2. The Albums
View each album in the Collection along with your progress towards completing each one.  
3. Grand Rewards
By completing all of the albums in the Collection you will win a Grand Reward!