The option to create a Multiplayer match will be available from the following areas of the game: 

-The Multiplayer Card at the top of the carousel in the Home Lobby
-The Multiplayer Card in the active games section of the Home Lobby
-The Banner in the 'Play with Friends' screen
-The Multiplayer Card in the 'More Games' tray on the gameboard

After going to one of these areas, there are then two different ways to start a Multiplayer match:

Random matches:

The game will automatically choose your 3 opponents for the match.
The game focuses on offering you the opportunity to play with your friends or other matched opponents through a matchmaking process. These players will generally align with your overall skill level in-game.

If no suitable match is available, you may be paired with an auto-generated opponent.

Custom matches:

Custom matches allow you to customize your match to suit your preferences.

You can choose:

-The number of opponents
-Who to invite from your list of friends, Facebook contacts and suggestions provided by the game
-Which Dictionary to use
-The turn order for your opponents

Once you have started the match, you can play your first turn even whilst waiting for other players to join!