Scrabble Classic mode is a new mode available in limited testing and is designed for players who want to focus only on the Classic Scrabble gameplay experience.
In Classic Mode, you'll be able to start classic Scrabble games (no boosts) with friends, through matchmaking, or play vs. the computer. You'll have access to invite new friends as well as participate in the Scrabble leaderboards and view stats in your Profile.
All other features that are available in the signature Scrabble GO mode are hidden or deactivated when in Classic mode, including:
  • Rewards such as Gems, Arena Tickets, League Trophies, and Daily Points Chests
  • The signature Scrabble GO gameplay (Scrabble with boosts)
  • Customization options such as custom Tiles and Frames
  • All other game modes such Duels and Arena (Rush, Tumbler, and Word Drop)
Players in Classic mode may switch to the full Scrabble GO experience through the Mode Settings option located in Profile Settings.