My friend is already a Scrabble GO player, but I do not see him/her in my Contact list, why?

In order for us to properly identify and match you with your friends, please ensure the following:
  • Both you and your friend have completed the contact permission approval and phone number SMS verification process to successfully sync your Contact Lists
  • The phone number that your friend has used to verify their phone with Scrabble GO matches the phone number you have saved for your friend on your device. If these numbers do not match, we will not be able to match you with your friend.
If you are still encountering an issue, please contact support so we may assist you.

My friend is already a Scrabble GO player, but has not yet synced his/her contact list yet. Will I receive in-game rewards if he/she syncs his/her contact list?
No. In game rewards are only rewarded for successfully inviting players who are not currently Scrabble GO players to the game.

However, once your friend syncs his/her contact list, you will be able to seamlessly find & begin playing Scrabble GO matches with each other!

I have multiple phone numbers, which phone number should I input into the feature?

You may use any of your personal phone numbers, but we recommend inputting the primary phone number as it is most likely to be the one used by your friends and family members.

We can only match you with your friends and family members if the phone number you use to verify with the Contact List feature matches the phone number your friends and family members have saved for you on their mobile devices.

I need to change or update the phone number I already verified with Scrabble GO. What should I do?
To change your synced phone number with Scrabble GO, you will need to disconnect your current account from the Contact List feature, and then reconnect your contact list & verify the new phone number you would like to use.

I regularly play Scrabble GO on 2 different mobile devices. Can I sync my contact list between these devices?
Not at this time. You may only sync the contact list and verify your phone number on one device at this time. Accessing Scrabble GO on your other device will not display your contacts, and you will not be able to sync your phone number to your second device. We may add support to sync your contact list across multiple devices in the future.

Please note, if you have active Scrabble matches with your contacts and you are a Facebook connected user, you may continue to play these matches across two devices if you connect via Facebook on both devices.

Will you use my contact information to contact me or my friends?

No. Our feature only reads the information that you have input into your device’s contact list and surfaces that information back to you while you have the game open on your device. We will only use your synced contact information for purposes of this feature - for example, to connect you with your friends and family members already playing Scrabble GO, or to easily send invites to those not playing Scrabble GO. Unless you give us permission to do so, we will not use your Contact List information for marketing purposes.

Why do you need my phone number?

We require you to input your phone number to help identify you and match you with your friends and family who have also chosen to sync their contact lists with Scrabble GO.

Do I need to input & verify my phone number to use the Contact List feature?

To take full advantage of the Contact List feature, you will need to provide and verify your phone number. Without this number, we cannot identify and match you up with your friends and family members who have also used this feature to sync their contacts with Scrabble GO.

Please note, you may sync your contact list to Scrabble GO without providing and verifying your phone number. Doing so will allow you to invite your friends and family members to download the Scrabble GO application, however you will not be able to see which of your contacts are already playing Scrabble GO.

What if my question is not answered above?

You may always use the “Contact Us” option in the upper right portion of this screen to be connected to a Scrabble GO representative who will be more than happy to assist you.