What are Progression Stats?
Progression Stats measure your progress for a listed activity over time. The more you perform the listed activity, the higher your score will rise. Each progression stat has a maximum value that can be earned, viewable in the detail pages for each category.

An example is the Scrabble Classic - Turns Played statistic. The more turns you play, the higher this score will rise!

Can my Progression stat scores in Scrabble Score decrease / What is “Decay”?
If you go a period of time without increasing a progression stat, it may begin to “Decay”.

During decay, your score will slowly decrease over time. To stop the decay, simply complete the activity for the stat that is decreasing, and your score will start progressing again.

What are Performance Stats?
Performance stats measure your performance for a listed activity compared against the Scrabble Go community.

Each performance stat you engage with is measured against players similar to yourself, and a point value is assigned with regards to how well you are doing versus other players. Playing smart and often is the best way to maximise your performance stat scores

Another example is Scrabble Classic - Word Score Rank. Regularly maintaining a higher Average Word Score than other players will help you earn a high score in this category.

Can my Performance Stat scores in Scrabble Score decrease?
Since several statistics measured in Scrabble Score are performance stats that rank your ability against the community, your score may decrease if others in the community begin to outperform you.