Chat is a great way to personalise interactions with your favourite opponents. You can send a congratulatory emoticon to the player or just a smiley for fun. Chat is available for all players to enjoy.
To keep this space fun for everyone, we kindly ask that players follow Scrabble Go's Terms of Service.
In cases where a player uses inappropriate language or makes unwanted advances there is the option to utilise the mute function. This button will hide chats from that player from then onwards.

Similarly, players have the right to block all chat requests from an opponent by toggling the ""Block"" button. This is usually the best option if you choose not to interact with this player again.
Finally, players have the ability to report another user by tapping the ""Report Player"" button. This tool can be used in (but not limited to) instances related to:
  • Offensive profile photo
  • Unwanted sexual advances
  • Sharing or phishing of personal data
  • Underage player
  • Threats
  • Abuse
  • Harassment or bullying
You can find our full Terms of Service by clicking on this link:
To enable any of these functions, simply go to the chat in which you would like to perform the action and find your chat settings by clicking the cog wheel in the top right corner of your device. You may unmute or unblock a player at any time."
Device keyboard appears on top of the chat bar
Issue Description: The device keyboard appears on the chat bar upon maximizing the keyboard panel
Issue status: We're aware of the issue and are currently investigating. Please check back here for updates.