The "Favourites" feature in Scrabble GO makes it easy for you stay connected and find your favourite players. Once you "Favourite" another player, their profile picture will have the Favourite icon next to their name.

How to Add a Favourite

You may Favourite players when you see the "Add Favourite" button next to their portrait. You'll find the Add Favourite button in a number of places:
Player Profile - when viewing another player's profile, the Favourite button is located in top right
Scrabble - at the end of a Scrabble Match, you'll have an opportunity to add your opponent as a favourite during the match summary.

Note - only current or previously played opponents are eligible to be added as a Favourite.

Viewing Your Favourites
Within the "Start New Game" panel, you may view your Favourites by tapping the toggle at the top of the screen. Here you can easily start a new Scrabble game with one of your favourite players.