Originally named the SS Yorktown, the Enterprise NX-01, a remarkable explorer, was initially launched to venture into and explore deep space. However, the ship and its crew, lead by Jonathan Archer, were assigned a new directive: to journey into the Delphic Expanse and intercept the Xindi to frustrate their plans of unleashing a devastating weapon capable of destroying the Earth.

With its formidable warp speed and armaments, the NX-01 proved to be a great tool in confronting the Xindi hostile forces. Furthermore, it was crucial in establishing the United Federation of Planets.

How can you add it to your fleet?

To construct the Enterprise NX-01, your Shipyard must be at least level 40. You can acquire 1 or 2 NX-01 blueprints daily from the Exborg Store. Alternatively, a complete unlock is available through the Offers tab.

Why should you add the Enterprise NX-01 to your fleet?

The Enterprise NX-01 consistently ensures guaranteed drops of Ex-borg credits across all rarities, providing strong access to all the Favors & Bundles within the Ex-Borg faction store. Additionally, the NX-01 exclusively procures shards for the new officer, Picard Hugh. Also, the ship boasts a spacious cargo bay, substantial HHP (Hull Health Points), and rapid impulse speed, which makes it exceptionally flexible beyond its gameplay loop.

What are the Nx-01 Enterprise's abilities?

  • Learning The Hard Way: This passive ability enhances base damage against Xindi-Aquatic hostiles.
  • Polarized Hull: Another passive ability, it deflects 9 shots from each Xindi-Aquatic weapon (they usually fire 10 shots, so with this ability you reduce it to 1 - they can still fire, but less!)

These two passive abilities provide essential boosts during battles against Xindi-Aquatic hostiles, making the Enterprise NX-01 the optimal choice for such encounters.

  • Long Road Ahead: This active ability temporarily reveals the depths of deep space, allowing those systems to be viewed for a period. It enables users to inspect Deep Space without requiring a ship to be physically present. 

This feature is invaluable for reconnaissance missions, scouting out enemy targets, observing OPC miners, previewing token systems in advance, gaining an advantage in territory capture, and other strategic maneuvers.

How to upgrade it?

The Enterprise NX-01 can be upgraded using Ceramic Composite, obtained by destroying Xindi-Aquatic hostiles and exchanging their dropped loot in the NX-01 refinery. 

NX-01 Enterprise

Important notes

Unlocking the Enterprise NX-01 Picard Refit adds a valuable new refinery feature, granting an additional Delphic Expanse travel token each day. Acquiring this upgrade brings a substantial improvement to the loop.

Advancing to higher tiers on the NX-01 significantly enhances rewards distributed in the refinery. Refer to the information provided by the "i" button on the NX-01 refinery bundles for detailed insights on how these rewards scale.