Hazards - these are system wide dangers that will test your bravery and deal damage over time to ships within the system, being able to destroy ships if not resisted, but also offer some unique rewards to the Commanders able to overcome them, including an exclusive G6 Combat Tree Node currency. A new system view for ‘Hazards’ will also be included. Note that Hazard damage will stop once a player enters battle and leaves the system.

- Mining in hazard space will have its benefits: resources will be gathered faster, raw ship parts will only be mined on these systems (the amount of parts gained during combat will be more generous, when compared to non-hazard systems) and reputation gains will be higher as well. And good news - if your ship is destroyed by the Hazard, you won’t lose your loot.

- 3 main types of Hazards will be available: Ion Storm, Radiation and Asteroid Field. A special hazard called “Nameless Horror” will also be present in some specific areas of the game. Each hazard will have its own strength, up to 5 different levels, and they will do DOT (Damage Over Time) to the hull of the Ship.

- Hazard resistance will come from various sources: Abilities, Researches, Refits (Uncommon Combat Ships) and Consumables. Base resistance covers all of the hazards and there is also hazard resistance per hazard type that can be checked in the Ship stats. To help understand when a Ship was destroyed by Hazards, there will be a new tab called "Destruction Reports", accessible via the Battle Log reports button.