A new era is beginning - horizons widen, new tech is found, powerful Officers and Ships join our Fleet, space becomes a more dangerous place and the shadow of the Borg Cube looms over our heads.You can resist, but it might be futile!

Commanders (from Operations level 28 onwards) will be able to acquire their own Borg Cube (Epic) and terrorize whoever decides to stand in their way.

  • The Borg Cube is a uniquely powerful combat ship that will remain relevant throughout all Ops levels. Initially, the blueprints can be obtained from the free and elite tracks of the Update 60 battle pass. Unlike any ship before, the Borg Cube is meant to grow with you as you progress through your Star Trek Fleet Command journey and scales based on the power of your Faction Ships.

  • There will be 18 Tiers and 90 Levels to unlock and, at its peak, it might surpass all other Faction Ships (Federation, Klingon and Romulan) of the same rarity. The Cube comes with a very special Active Ability: “Borg Cutting Beam” - with it, the Ship will deal damage outside of combat by applying direct Hull Damage to the selected targets without entering battle. The 'Cube' requires a totally maxed G6 Epic ship to tier up.

  • A Borg Cube that has not been updated at all, will not have any resource costs to repair.

The Borg Cutting Beam

Once the Beam is charged, you may select the ship you wish to fire upon from anywhere in the same system and select the Borg Cutting Beam Icon on the enemy pop-up.This does not apply against Player Stations, Alliance Starbases and Armada Targets.The more you damage enemy ships, the faster the Beam will charge - charging will depend on HHP damage dealt in regular combat. The Borg Cutting Beam is also unique in that it bypasses all defenses and does direct hull damage. Current officers in Star Trek Fleet Command and research not found specifically for the Borg Cube will not affect its damage or charge rate. Note that the Borg Cutting Beam will have diminishing returns on its damage when attacking a target higher in level than you. 

  • When a player successfully destroys a PVE target using the Ship’s Active Ability, a new resource called “Technological Distinctiveness” will be awarded. This will be useful for refinement into “Shape Memory Alloy” (Borg Ship Parts) and “Advanced Cybernetics“ (Research Dust), which are needed to upgrade the Borg Cube itself. The more you assimilate, the stronger the Borg will become.

  •  This material can then be exchanged in the refinery by navigating to the Borg Cube Refinery in the “Support Tab” for either upgrade material to tier up your Borg Cube or for the material needed to progress the new Borg Cube research nodes, which can be found in the Ex-Borg research tree. As you progress your Borg Cube, you will need Borg Data Nodes from one of the three factions (Federation, Klingon, and Romulan). Upon reaching one of the above milestones with your faction ships, you will be rewarded with a Borg Data Node from the corresponding faction, which can be claimed in the gifts tab. 

How many Borg Cubes can you have?

Each commander can acquire and tier up a maximum of three Borg Cube.

How can you upgrade the 2nd and 3rd cubes? 

You will unlock a Borg Data Node Tier X for each ship requirement you meet. To unlock a second Borg Data Node Tier X, you will need to fulfill one of the other ship requirements mentioned in the "insufficient resources" prompt. For example, if you want the T15 Borg Data Node for your second cube, please ensure your Kos'Karii or Velox is at tier 9. Remember that you can't use the same USS Titan T9 as you did for your first cube.


Please find some additional questions or known issues below:

- A "dealing hull damage" might
pop up when the Beam is used.
- To ensure there aren't any "complete the mission" issues, please accept and complete the mission found in "The Borg" section of the holodeck.
- The Borg Cube might feel "weak" at lower tiers as the laser is not that strong without being upgraded.
- We've seen some feedback about the Damage Reduction (diminishing returns) to hitting higher-level players. We have acknowledged the feedback and are working with the Design Team to revisit this.
-  The Beam abides by PVP brackets and cannot be used on armadas or stations.

More information about the Borg Cube available HERE !