Monaveen Overview

The Monaveen is a recently introduced battleship designed to capture the captivating blend of "fantasy meets sci-fi" aesthetics inspired by the Monaveen in Lower Decks. Tailored for players within levels 40-60, it features a tiered system with at least 12 locks, aligned with specific level ranges, with one grade lock from T6 to T7, that will require a minimum level Ops 51. The Monaveen focuses on destroying hostiles and exchanging their loot for materials.

Benefits of Building the Monaveen

Constructing and deploying the Monaveen offers substantial resource rewards—Parsteel, Tritanium, and Dilithium—unmatched by any other game element. These rewards commence from the initial tier and are tiered according to player levels and the ship tier in the Queen's Favor exchanges. Even at Tier 1, players receive rewards in line with their level, with progression yielding even greater benefits. This establishes a consistent resource accumulation method, enabling players to choose resources that align with their current needs.

Monaveen's Abilities

The Monaveen possesses a notable ability that amplifies base damage against new hostiles , the Texas-class. This unique capability empowers the Monaveen with unparalleled strength against such adversaries, outclassing the capabilities of all other ships.

It also brings a brand new “risk VS reward” gameplay mechanic, that will require players to lower their Peace Shields if they wish to engage with the new high-reward hostiles.

Upgrading the Monaveen

Players can upgrade the Monaveen by participating in the Monaveen game loop and exchanging bundles. In addition to Parsteel, Dillithium and Tritanium rewards, players receive Regal Geodes, a unique currency used to unlock the new research associated with the Monaveen.

Key Considerations for Players

The Monaveen grants players the flexibility to get materials according to their preferences, whether diversifying investments or specializing intensely in a specific area. Beyond standard rewards, players can engage in battles against Automated Shipyard Solo Armadas to secure additional bonus materials and decide if they are willing to drop their Shields in exchange for greater loot.

Monaveen Loop

Monaveen Loop