I’m bored! Bored with the Q Continuum! Bored with it all! So I’ve decided to play with the human race again. I possess immeasurable power over time, space, the laws of physics, and reality itself, capable of altering it to my whim. And my whims are legion! I am omnipotent, but stylishly so, and my true motivations will always be shrouded in mystery, so all you Commanders out there will just have to play along.


“Con permiso, Capitan. The hall is rented, the orchestra engaged. It’s now time to see if you can dance.”

My Court appears across all bases from Ops Level 19 upwards, anything below just isn’t worth my time. There, puny mortals, you will have access to my trials. Of course, as a show of respect, I demand you build the Court of Q, for which you will require Court of Q Keys. You will find these in the Gifts Section, for I am a munificent being, known for my generosity.

As my Court level increases - and it had better, lest you incur my wrath! - you will find the amount of bonus Protomatter you earn from completing a Trial increases also. You’re welcome, microbe. The Court of Q level is also essential for unlocking new Trials, gaining access to certain Forbidden Tech refinery options and Forbidden Tech upgrades. How I love the word forbidden, it just begs to be defied!


“You can’t outrun them, you can’t destroy them. If you damage them, the essence of what they are remains. They regenerate and keep coming. Eventually, you will weaken. Your reserves will be gone. They are relentless!”

Be prepared, Komandanto, before you set forth on one of my Trials. You can learn more about your target by tapping the info (i) button on the Trial screen. Your minuscule brain will no doubt need it.

You may begin my Trials by spending Trial Bells - I know, frivolous, aren’t I? Collect them through the daily gift or specific events. You may encounter others in the Offers tab. If you are fortunate.

Each Trial requires you to defeat a hostile target before time runs out. The target is unique to each Commander, for how else am I to judge your worth? No one else may see or interact with the target I put before you. You may attempt to destroy the target as many times as you wish while the timer is running. But know this, the Trial target will regain its full SHP/HHP between each combat. My Trials are never easy!

If my Trial is completed by defeating the hostile, the Rank of the Trial will increase. As the Trial Rank increases, the target hostile also increases in power. I want to test you and only the very best deserve to survive. If the Trial is conquered, new Trials can be unlocked to face more challenging targets. Or you can forever languish in the realms of abject failure. Like most mortals.

The only way to fail a Trial is by not destroying the target before the timer expires. If you fail a Trial, you will need to spend Trial Bells to attempt the Trial again. It would be prudent to increase your power before attempting the same Trial. I know prudence is difficult for you lower life forms, but you must try.


Why these games? Why, the play is the thing. And I’m surprised you have to ask when your human, Shakespeare, explained it all so well.

Upon successful completion of a Trial, I will bestow Protomatter upon you, magnificent entity that I am. Use it to upgrade your Forbidden Technology. How much Protomatter depends on the Trial and your current Court of Q building level. Remember, upkeeping my Court pleases me, for which you will receive a buff. And they don’t come more buff than me!

Also, depending on how I rate your success, and what kind of a day I’m having,, your Rank will also increase by a variable degree. However, there is a maximum rank a Trial may reach.

As your Rank increases in the Trial - and be sure that it does as I do so hate to be disappointed - you will be able to collect Milestone Rewards. These one-time rewards include unique pieces of Forbidden Tech not available through any other means, as well as resources to help you attempt more Trials and upgrade your Forbidden Tech.


“You just don’t get it, do you, Jean-Luc? The trial never ends. We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons. And for one brief moment, you did.”

When you reach the maximum available Rank on a Trial, you will no longer have any one-time Milestone Rewards to collect. But then, why should you? You must learn that a job well done is its own reward. Ha! You mortals and your trinkets! However, you may still attempt the Trial and earn Protomatter rewards. This is still an excellent way to earn Protomatter for upgrading Forbidden Tech.


Assessment Rank

Your Assessment Rank is your highest Trial Rank. Each newly unlocked Trial has a higher maximum Rank value, allowing you to attain a higher Assessment Rank. Your Assessment Rank determines your chances of success when upgrading Forbidden Tech. So, you must always strive to push it as high as possible. I shouldn’t have to point out the obvious, but I know the limits of organic minds, so let me just add that doing this will benefit you in the long run. Even though a long run for you is no more than just the impulse to blink an eye for me.


“I see now, it was too simple a puzzle. Generosity has always been my… weakness.”

Each Trial comprises either an Explorer, a Battleship or an Interceptor. It suits me that the hostiles I make you face in the Trial will generally be the same type. Anything else is too much effort for me. However, that said, I will sometimes select a special hostile for you to face, which may be of a different ship type. I am not here to make things easy for you. For your own good!


Keep pushing!

Each Trial awards Seals of Approval for the next tier of Trials when you reach certain Milestones. The type and amount vary depending on the Trial, but they are always available in the tier before the one you are trying to unlock. Assuming you make it past any Trials at all. I shall try and contain my disappointment.

For example:

To unlock the ★★★ Trial - Explorers Trial, you will need to collect ★★★ Seal of Approval - Explorers. These can be earned by completing the ★★ Trial - Explorers, ★★ Trial - Battleships, and ★★ Trial - Interceptors.

In addition to Seals, the Court of Q you are fortunate to have grace your base, will also need to be at a required level before you can unlock any higher-value Trials. Remember, my Court serves as a temple to me, and will be treated accordingly. Upgrade it often, or I will find you, and transform you back into the protoplasmic goo you evolved from not five minutes ago!

Seals - Visual Guides:

Seal of Approval 2

Seal of Approval ★★ (Uncommon)

Seal of Approval 3 

Seal of Approval ★★ (Rare)

 Seal of Approval 4 and 5

Seal of Approval ★★★ /   (Epic)

Take heed, mortal! Be mindful - assuming you have a mind to fill - of your surroundings when initiating a Trial. Hostiles will usually spawn within 2 systems of your base. If you foolishly initiate a Trial too close to a system you cannot enter... you might be in trouble! And you will definitely disappoint me.