A legend on par with the USS Enterprise, the USS Voyager embodies the phrase “Where no man has gone before.” Shortly after its launch, the USS Voyager was cast over 70,000 light years away from home into the Delta Quadrant, unwillingly becoming the first Federation vessel to successfully traverse the Delta Quadrant and make numerous first contacts. During its seven-year journey, this ship became more than a research vessel - it became a home for its diverse and skilled crew. Apart from the emotional value, the USS Voyager is one of the most technologically advanced ships in the Federation fleet, including the upgraded sensor equipment and the capability of reaching a cruise velocity of warp factor 9.975, making it one of the most suitable ships for the exploration of the Galaxy. 

Embark on a thrilling adventure, collect Artifacts, and uncover the hidden wonders of the Delta Quadrant by building the USS Voyager. Let your journey unfold as you delve into uncharted territories and rise as a legendary explorer.


How can you add the USS Voyager to your fleet?

To acquire blueprints for the USS Voyager, you need to reach Operations Level 30 and defeat Hirogen hostiles in the Delta Quadrant. Collect Hirogen Relics as spoils of victory, and refine them in the Voyager refinery. Once you reach Operations Level 34 and have gathered all the blueprints, you can build the USS Voyager.

The USS Voyager enables you to acquire Isolytic damage Artifacts and ship parts for various vessels, including the Cerritos, Amalgam, G4 ships, and more.



Advanced Sensors (active) uncover hidden hostiles in the Delta Quadrant, such as the elusive Species 8472. This state has a cost, Deuterium Canister, duration, and cooldown.

Astometrics Scan (active) scans a player's ship and reveals the location of their station. This state has a cost, Deuterium Canister, duration, and cooldown.

Deuterium Canister can be found after refining Hirogen Relics in the USS Voyager Refinery. Hirogen Relics can be found in the Delta Quadrant systems on Hirogen Hostiles.


How to upgrade it?

To upgrade the USS Voyager, you need to refine Exotic Biotoxins and Anomaly Samples. These valuable materials need to be refined in the Voyager refinery, harnessing their true power to enhance the starship's capabilities.


Exotic Biotoxins can be acquired from Species 8472 Bioships in the Velixys system, while Anomaly samples can be mined from systems such as FSEP-505, FSEP-3819, FSEP-247, and FSEP-001.

Important note: Species 8472 Bioships are elusive and can only be spotted while using Advanced Sensors.



USS Voyager research nodes will further enhance not only the ship itself but also provide fleetwide buffs. From the Below Deck Assembly (unlocks Below Deck slots in officer presets), to the Artifact Hunting Extraordinaire (adds a bonus roll of Artifact rewards in the common and rare Anomaly Sample refinery), Dismantle Tinkering (increases base scrapping speed for all ships), and Ship Maintenance Efficiency (increases the base cost efficiency for repairing all ships); these nodes are an invaluable addition to your buffs. 

USS Voyager