The Artifact Gallery houses a collection of valuable artifacts that have been acquired from across the quadrant and beyond. Visitors to the station are welcome to see these rare and fascinating objects on display.


Building the Artifact Gallery

The Artifact Gallery will be available to unlock at Ops level 26. You will need 100 Artifact Gallery Keys to build it, distributed via a Gift. You will also receive the mission Collect & Conquer, which provides more insights into the building and the artifacts. 

By building the Artifact Gallery, you’ll be able to access the artifacts and gain additional buffs!

Upgrading the Artifact Gallery

To upgrade the building, you’ll need Artifact Gallery Schematics found in the Artifact Restoration chest. This chest can be opened with Artifact Tokens, received upon defeating Formation Armadas. The premium Artifact Restoration chest can be opened with premium Artifact Tokens earned by leading a Formation Armada.  

As you progress through the building’s levels, you’ll gain significant buffs to Hull Health, Shield Health, and an increase to the Artifact tokens received after defeating Formation Armadas.

It’s also important to keep upgrading as artifacts have specific building level requirements at levels 1, 5, 10, and 15.

Lastly, upgrading the Artifact Gallery will improve the Artifact Restoration chests by adding higher-level artifacts.



Artifacts are unique and powerful items that will grant a wide range of highly potent buffs to the ones who acquire them. From the K'T'Inga Scale Replica (increases G4 Material Cost Efficiency for all ship components) to the Bat'leth of House Martok (increases Damage against Players for all ships), and Scotty's Trident Scanner (increases Ship Part Cost Efficiency for all ship components); the artifacts are an invaluable addition to your Gallery.

To acquire and upgrade them, you will need to collect shards via Formation Armadas and the Artifact Restoration chests in the Artifacts tab of the store.


Important notes

  • Each level of Formation Armadas rewards shards of a number of specific artifacts. This way, Commanders can focus on getting shards for specific Artifacts. The destruction of different levels of Formation Armadas is required to acquire all Artifacts. 
  • The Premium Artifact Restoration chest is guaranteed to give at least one rare or epic Artifact shard per roll.