Space, the final frontier. Vast, mysterious, full of surprises and adventures! 

After sensing his imminent demise, the Caretaker started looking for someone special to pick up the torch and continue looking after the Ocampa in the Delta Quadrant. He expanded his search and abducted dozens of starships from all across the Milky Way Galaxy, using his array to experiment with the ships' crews to determine whether they were compatible. Among the ships he abducted were a Maquis raider and USS Voyager.

The Delta Quadrant is a sprawling, unknown space ready for all Commanders to explore. It’s filled with new systems, missions, new - and old - enemies, and undiscovered Formation Armadas (Species 8472) that will test your strategic and coordination skills! 

This is just the beginning, as throughout the Voyager Arc, we will explore together the Delta Quadrant and face all its perils–and who knows, we may even meet some familiar friendly faces out there.


Location, location, location

The Delta Quadrant can be found at the top of the Galaxy map. During May, Commanders will be able to start exploring from two different entry points.

  • Border of the Alpha Quadrant  (Entry Level: 26+

Here, the Commanders and forces of the Alpha Quadrant have begun to delve further into Deep Space and have discovered the Delta Quadrant. It contains planetary missions, Formation Armadas (Species 8472), Lost (grabbed by the Caretaker from the Alpha Quadrant) and Hirogen Hostiles.

  • Depths of the Delta Quadrant (Entry Level: 34+) 

Commander will rendezvous with USS Voyager as it continues its journey home to the Alpha Quadrant. Core missions take place here, it also contains Lost (grabbed by the Caretaker from the Alpha Quadrant) and Hirogen Hostiles.


"You know as well as I do that fear only exists for one purpose... to be conquered."

The Delta Quadrant holds many secrets and dangers. As such, navigating successfully requires a certain level of expertise and experience. It is locked to ensure that only the most capable and daring explorers can enter this uncharted territory. However, with perseverance and skill, the secrets of the Delta Quadrant can be unlocked, and the mysteries of this fascinating region can be revealed. So prepare yourself for the challenges ahead and embark on a journey of discovery in the Delta Quadrant during the Voyager Arc!


Exploring the Delta Quadrant

As the Voyager arc progresses, Commanders will have the chance to explore new sections of the Delta Quadrant, opening up exciting possibilities for discovery and adventure. One of the most integral parts of the exploration is locating and completing missions. A crucial one is the “Commiseration” in the Eviloy system. This is the key to exploring the Delta Quadrant during the Voyager Arc. 

This region of space is home to many strange and wondrous alien species and dangerous threats. But there is still so much we need to learn about this area. So come aboard and join us on this journey of exploration and discovery in the Delta Quadrant!