A formidable new enemy emerged in the Delta Quadrant. Species 8472 was able to travel through the fluidic space through quantum singularities and brought the fight to our dimension.

Formation Armadas found in selected systems of the Delta Quadrant contain several simulations of Starfleet Headquarters used for reconnaissance and gathering intelligence on Starfleet’s capabilities.

Like all strongholds, Formation Armadas have their weaknesses. Each armada has three targets that, if destroyed simultaneously, will ensure the total annihilation of the armada.

Commanders above Operations level 26 can participate in attacks against Formation Armadas. To initiate an attack, you’ll need 100 Formation Armada Directives, which can be gained through Daily Goal completion. Additional directives can be found in the Offers tab.


Open a secure comms channel

Communication and coordination are critical to taking Formation Armadas down. Three teams, which can be from different Alliances, must select their top four Commanders to participate in the attack (twelve Commanders in total).



When a Formation Armada has started its timer on one of the targets, subsequent Armada starts against the rest of the target will inherit the timer of the already active Armada; this way, they are automatically synchronized.



When a Formation Armada is destroyed, Commanders will receive Artifact and Premium Artifact tokens in their rewards. These tokens are crucial in discovering Artifacts in the Artifact Gallery. Artifacts are unique and powerful items that will grant a wide range of highly potent buffs to the ones who acquire them. To learn more about them, check here.


Important note: The Armada Control Centre size bonus does not apply to Formation Armadas.