The Mess Hall is here to provide a place where our Officers can relax and enjoy each other's company! This building will be available to unlock at Ops level 15 and provide players with valuable buffs.  You will need 100 Mess Hall Keys to build it, distributed via a Gift. 

Upgrading the Mess Hall requires two things, Replicator Rations and reaching the respective Total Crew Level. The Mess Hall has 99 levels, and the upgrades do not depend on the Ops level.

Replicator Rations can be claimed for free daily through the Gifts tab; additional ones can be found in the Offers tab. The Total Crew Level is the total of all your Officer levels. For example, if you have 100 Officers and all are level 10, your crew level is 1,000. To increase your Total Crew Level, all you have to do is keep upgrading your Officers!

Important note: Fleet Commanders will not be considered for the Total Crew Level calculations.

The Mess Hall provides three powerful buffs to Officer Stats, Research Speed, and Tritanium Cost Efficiency for ship components which will improve upon upgrade.