Fleet Commanders have finally arrived at STFC! They have many years of distinguished service and impeccable records.

They provide powerful fleetwide buffs in several game areas and are available from level 15+.

They will be stationed at the Command Center. Fleet Commanders cannot be assigned to Ship Crews or Away Missions since it is against station regulations.

Why are they important?

Each Fleet Commander will provide buffs that will give you an edge against other Commanders and various hostiles. Their skills will also assist in researching economy-related goals, aid in specific ship-related endeavors, and more. See below some examples of these buffs:

  • Phase Bank Upgrades: Increase Energy Weapon Damage
  • Alloy Metallurgies: Increase Tritanium Cost Efficiency for Ship Upgrades
  • Unimatrix Training: Increase Damage against Solo and Group Armadas

How can I get the Fleet Commanders?

Kirk or Spock are available for a free unlock during January (release month) through a mission; you can choose which one you’ll unlock! Additional shards will be sourced via daily gifts, special events, and the Offers tab. 

How can I improve my Fleet Commanders?

Fleet Commanders can be further improved by using Skill Points, Commander XP, and Commander Credits to upgrade their skills, level up, and rank up.

What is a Skill Tree?

Skill Tree is a specific feature where each Fleet Commander can develop his skills, the Tree is divided into three branches. Each Fleet Commander has its own branches, for example, Spock has Miner, Architect, and Scientist.

Each branch has a Unique Key. The Command Refinery Center will grant unique keys when your Fleet Commander ranks up to 1, 5, 9, 13, and 18. You will receive one key per group of selectable skills on that row

Some skills require a Quantum Key and are considered an “On Duty - Selectable” skill. These types of skills are only applied when the Fleet Commander is assigned to the Command Center building. 

Important note: You will have to choose one skill in the group of skills to unlock. This choice can not be changed, so choose wisely. Selectable skills have a distinguishable frame around them in the Skill Tree, unlocking them requires a Quantum Key.

What do I need to progress on a Skill Tree? 

To progress on your Fleet Commander’s Skill Tree, you’ll need specific Skill Points. Each Fleet Commander will require their specific Skill Points, p. ex: Spock Skill Points, Kirk Skill Points. Additionally, some Skills might require Rare Skill Points. 

  • Specific Skill Points can be earned by leveling up that Fleet Commander or exchanging Uncommon Skill Points in the Command Center Refinery. 
  • Leveling up your Command Center will provide you with Uncommon Skill Points. Additional Points can be found in the Offers tab.
  • Rare Skill points will be earned through rare events and the Offers tab.

What is the Command Center?

The Command Center is the building where the Fleet Commanders can be assigned and be “On Duty”. The building has a limited number of slots for assigning Fleet Commanders. To proceed with any changes on the assigned Fleet Commanders, please make sure to dock all ships first (for the buffs to be applied). 

How can I build and upgrade the CC?

Once you reach level 15, you must claim the Legends of Cosmos mission in the Holodeck. After completing this mission, you will obtain the 18 Quantum Communicators necessary to construct the Command Center.

Self Sealing Stem Bolts are the resource used to upgrade the Command Center. This resource is available in the Daily Gift from the Command Center refinery and the Offers tab.

Your Command Center has one Fleet Commander chair unlocked at Command Center level 1. A second chair will be unlocked at Command Center level 40, so upgrading the Command Center is invaluable! Moreover, some Skills will be activated at a certain Command Center level.