When a new server is launched, all the buildings, including Operations, can only reach a max level of 39 for all players.

Once the server is no longer considered new and reaches a certain level of maturity, it ascends to G4. This means that all players within the server can reach level 50.

To ascend, you need to obtain an Ascension key earned during a weekly event that requires destroying an Epic Federation/Romulan/Klingon Armada with a G3 Epic rarity ship (Enterprise/Augur/D4) or the ISS Jellyfish (Shipyard 39).

You only need to be a participant in the armada, not the Leader. This event will continue to show every Friday until you reach Ops 40. However, you only need to participate and receive the G4 Ascension key once!

When your server is ready to ascend to G5 (ability to reach Ops level 60), you will receive a gift in the Gift section. Upon claiming it, you'll be able to access G5 space.

Servers' ascension times vary for each server but they usually occur 6 months (for G4) and 1 year (for G5) after the server has been opened.