Deep Space (also called Dark Space) is the G4+ areas of Federation, Romulan, Klingon, and Independent space. In Deep Space, the systems are under Fog Of War, meaning you must have a ship or base inside the system to see inside the system.

The minimum Operations level needed is 38, and you can reach the Deep Space by completing the main missions (framed with a Golden border). The missions that will lead you to access Deep Space are:
  • Buying Silence 
  • Distant Memories
  • Folding 
  • Decipher 
  • Warzones 
  • Syndicated Science 
  • Perpetual Motion 
  • One Of Us 
  • Home Worlds 
  • City Middle 
  • Ancestral Answer 
  • Invaluable Asset 
  • Power Up 
  • The Primeval 
>> Dark Space!