The Bajorans, one of the oldest cultures in the Alpha Quadrant; are a deeply spiritual society of artists, scientists, and thinkers. The once peaceful Bajorans were forced to take arms when their world was occupied by the brutal Cardassians. So they understand the importance of resisting oppression. Aided by their faith in the Prophets of the Celestial Temple, a mysterious wormhole in Bajoran space, they are ready to fight so no one else suffers as they have.

The Bajoran Faction is positive-only, meaning it's impossible to lose reputation depending on your actions. To unlock the Faction, all you have to do is be Ops level 35 and complete the mission “One Man's Villain Part 5” or “Doctor Tailor Soldier Spy Part 5” (during launch month, please claim a gift that will unlock the faction for you). You can acquire Bajoran Reputation by purchasing the daily Reputation chest.

The primary currencies for the Bajoran store are the Bajoran Faction Credits and Bajoran Faction Tokens. Those can be obtained by killing Jem’Hadar hostiles or Solo Armadas in the Dominion Space.

The Bajoran Faction store is where you can purchase missions, refits, Alliance Starbase materials, Deep Space 9 Officer Gacha, and much more.

You'll also be able to enhance different aspects of the game by purchasing Bajoran Favors in the Faction store. From boosting loot from the Jem’Hadar and increasing Bajoran Reputation to gaining advantages cross-game, the Bajoran Favors is something worth going after!  

Bajoran Favors can be purchased and progressed in the Bajoran Store. To unlock them, you need to be at the appropriate reputation level and spend the corresponding Bajoran Faction Credits or Bajoran Faction Tokens.