Can I relive the glory of my past missions? The answer is YES!

With Reginald Barclay as our host, we have the ability to revisit once more our past missions. To do so, the required OPs level is 15. Once that is reached, a new Mission will be found in our Gift section, which allows us to build the Holodeck and contains a step-by-step tutorial.

The Holodeck menu is separated into categories of our favorite Arcs. To begin the simulation (purchase a mission), you'll need to spend the required Pattern Buffers. The content is not limited to past missions only; missions tied to the ongoing Arc will be available in the Holodeck instead of the Event store. To begin the simulation, you'll need to spend Matrix Diodes.

Drop by regularly as the Holodeck menu will have more variety over time!

Do you have too much on your plate?
If you've reached the maximum number of missions, which is 54 (both active and archived), you'll receive a warning message that will not allow you to purchase another mission before the total number drops.

We heard the Captain ordered some shore leave; let's use this to spend some time exploring the Holodeck!