The USS Cerritos is a support ship available to commanders level 36 and above. It has a powerful ability - Support - that can target your own ships, other alliance members, and any other player!
The Support ability can be used on any other ship in the same system as your USS Cerritos. Select your USS Cerritos from the fleet bar, and either click the Support button or select a ship in the galaxy viewer and click the Support button to activate the Support ability. The ability costs Irvinite, which can be gained from the Support refinery every day and through the new Second Contact event on Wednesdays.
The Support ability gives the target a base increase to damage for a limited time, and commanders who complete Cerritos research nodes in the Starships research tree will gain additional valuable benefits! Culver Particles are primarily gained through the Cerritos Refinery, which is available to players who own a USS Cerritos.
Important note: the benefits conferred by the Support ability are determined by the target player’s research, not the player who initiates the ability.
The Cerritos uses the Cerritos Refinery in the Support refinery tab, including refinery options for the USS Discovery. This refinery has a chance to drop Cerritos Components, Culver Particles, and Lower Decks officer shards. Tokens for this refinery can be earned through the Second Contact event on Wednesdays.
Players who own a USS Cerritos will be able to participate in a recurring event always running on Wednesdays! All Cerritos owners will be eligible to participate in Second Contact, and players with a tier 5 or better USS Cerritos will also be eligible to participate in Second Contact Elite, a novel weekly rotating event. In addition, players with a tier 12 USS Cerritos that complete Second Contact Elite will also earn Rare Culver Particles, a rare resource required to complete the elite research nodes for the Cerritos’ Support ability.
Starting in May, players level 35+ will be eligible for a new recurring Wednesday event called California Class. Completing this event 10 times (10 Wednesdays, or 10 weeks), will reward enough blueprints to build a USS Cerritos. Note: this event will no longer appear after it has been completed 10 times.