What is it?
The Treasury is a new game feature and building. The Treasury building unlocks access to the Treasury Lockbox, which will be available for only a limited amount of time on each run.

How to unlock it?
- Required Ops level 15
- Claim the gift with the Treasury key

How to fill it?
By defeating hostiles and completing your final Daily Goals milestone, you'll fill up the Treasury with valuable resources, materials, and more!

How to get its content?
To acquire your hard-earned loot, you can break open the Treasury once it's full with a Desealing Rod. Be careful, though; you'll have a limited amount of time to break it!

How to upgrade it?
By using Optical Diodes, you'll be able to upgrade your Treasury. You can find this valuable item through events, daily rewards, and by opening the Treasury Lockbox with a Desealing Rod. Every time you upgrade it, you'll get a significant increase in the building's buffs!

The building itself provides three buffs that improve your ships' Mining Rate, Max Cargo, and Protected Cargo. The Mining Rate and Protected cargo apply to all your survey ships; Max Cargo applies to all ships. Additionally, when the Treasury building is upgraded to level 40, the daily free Optical Diodes bundle will provide Prime Particles which can be used for prime nodes in the Territory Capture tree (provided that not all Prime TC research is completed)!