Ship Cloaking technology is available in Fleet Command! Surprise and outmaneuver your opponents with the new Cloaking ability, available for 14 Klingon and Romulan combat ships. You can unlock a ship’s Cloaking ability by acquiring its Ship Cloaking Refit. Ship Cloaking Refit shards are redeemable in the new Ship Cloaking tab of the Refits menu.

Cloaking is an active ability that can be unlocked for each eligible ship. Activating cloaking will make your ship invisible, untargetable by enemies, and prevent any incoming attacks from initiating. Attacking while cloaked deals significantly more damage and provides a 66% base chance that your name and alliance data will be completely hidden from your enemy’s Battle Logs. You can warp while cloaked to ensure the element of surprise is on your side, and entering a faction system you’re unwelcome in will prevent active hostile marauders from spawning and chasing you.
The Cloaking ability has a cost, cooldown and duration. The usage of Tetryons is required, in order to activate the ability.
Cloaking deactivates when
  • The duration expires
  • The ship starts mining
  • An attack is initiated
  • The ship is docked
Ships with a Cloaking ability
D3, Legionary, Bortas, Centurion, B’rel, Gladius, D4, Augur, K’tinga, Valdore, Pilum, Korinar, Tribune and Hegh’ta.