What is IDFA?
It stands for "Identifier for Advertisers" (IDFA) and it's a unique, random, and resettable numeric identifier assigned by Apple to each iOS device. IDFAs assist with many functions. Depending on the game, IDFA may assist us with progress tracking across devices, providing personalized rewards and/or advertisements. With Apple’s update to the iOS 14.5 operating system, Apple now requires all app developers to ask users to consent to app developers’ collection and use of IDFA through their apps.

By allowing us to collect and use your IDFA, you'll have a more personalized in-game experience. To permit this use, click “Continue” on Scopely’s informational in-game prompt, then click “Allow” on the following screen to indicate your consent. 
If you click “Ask App Not to Track", Scopely will not be able to collect your IDFA through the app. Please note that even if you do not allow Scopely to collect and use your IDFA, Apple may still use your IDFA for its own purposes. Please refer to Apple’s Privacy Policy for details about how Apple uses your information.