Unlocking at level 15, Refits provide a variety of visual cosmetics to help you personalize your ships and gain additional ship power.
Types of Refits
  • Ship Skins - applied to the ship itself
  • Projectiles - different animations for the projectiles of your ship
  • Refits can have different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic
  • Ship skins are designed for a specific ship, not all ships will have a Refit
How do Skins and Projectile buffs work?
Ship Skins
  • Provide an additional bonus to one of your ships
  • The bonus is permanently applied to your ship and cannot be switched off
  • Removing the ship skin will not affect the buff, it still applies to your ship

  • All projectiles have a visual effect to make you look sleek in combat. Some projectiles also contain buffs.
  • Once a projectile with buff is unlocked, that buff applies to all your ships, whether it is assigned to a ship or not.
  • Multiple unlocked projectiles will stack and increase your stats at the same time.
  • Just like skins, projectile buffs apply permanently and will never switch off once unlocked.
  • Unequipping the projectile will not affect the buff.
Refits are visible to you and other players in:
  • Object viewer and Scan screen
  • Drydocks and System view
  • Combat and Battle Reports
Refits can be accessed through your:
  • Ship Hangar: tap on the Refits button on top, or open the building and select 'Refits'
  • Ship Management Menu: select one of your ships and tap 'Manage', then 'Refits'
  • Here you can preview all Refits you own and the ones available to unlock

Unlocking Refits
  • Ship skins require Skin-specific Shards for unlocking each skin
  • Skin and projectile shards will be available through event rewards, special chests and in-game offers. Keep an eye out for these events!