If you are having trouble mining Raw Isogen or finding the Isogen you mined, please note that:
  • As with any mined resource, you need to first dock your ship to receive the amounts
  • Your mined Isogen is visible under the new 'Territory' tab of your Inventory. If you cannot see your mined resources, please make sure to check there.
  • Isogen mines contain large amounts of resources, mining Isogen may take longer than usual.
  • Owner Exclusive Mining applies to all Origin Sector systems. If you are within that area, you can only mine nodes in Zones your Alliance owns. If you are trying to mine in the Tola systems - these are Tutorial systems and as such they do not belong to any Alliance and cannot be mined.
  • Some players report that the nodes are overcrowded. This should be only temporary, as everyone is excited to rush and see what Isogen is all about. If you are experiencing this, we can recommend checking another system (see our FAQ 'Where can I find Isogen?').
  • If your Alliance already owns a Territory and you can no longer mine after moving away from a node in your Zone - please restart the app, that should allow you to get back to mining.
  • If you are attempting to mine, but your ship is not engaging - please make sure you are running the latest app available in the App Store. Sometimes it may take up to 24h for the App Stores to propagate our updates, and the release will require a manual update.
If the information above did not help, please contact our team with the details and the name of the system you tried. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
The STFC Team🖖