In order to summon a ship, both your Discovery and the ship you wish to summon must be available and meet the requirements below.

Before using the Summoning ability, please make sure that:
  • You have completed the 'USS Discovery Summoning' Research in the Galaxy Research tree.
  • Your Discovery ship is available, and not currently in combat, warping, repairing or tiering up.
  • The ship you wish to summon is available, and located in a different system.
  • You have enough resources to initiate the Summoning and to cover any Transwarp cell cost required for the travel.

Destroyed ships, and ships that are currently tiering up, warping or engaged in battle will be displayed as 'Unavailable'. If the ship is already in the same system as the Discovery, then it will be marked as 'Same System', and it cannot be summoned any closer to the Discovery.

Note: If the summoned ship does not meet the required warp range of the system, it may not be able to warp back to your station. To avoid incidents, there is an in-game warning indicating that before you use the Summoning ability.