Want to bring a fleet somewhere fast? First, use the USS Discovery to instant warp to the system. Then, you can use its Summoning ability to open a hole in the Mycelial network and instantly summon your ships to the USS Discovery. Use this unique mechanic to summon mining ships once they’re full cargo, summon your warships wherever you need them, and many more potential gameplay mechanics to be discovered!

Summoning Explained
  • Once the Summoning ability is unlocked, you can access it through a new button in the Discovery ship action panel.
  • A summoned ship to the Discovery will appear in the same system the Discovery is in.
  • The Discovery can summon any ship, regardless of its warp range.
  • The ability can only be used on Available ships, once the cost requirements are met.
  • The cost to summon another ship to the Discovery is paid once the summoned ship begins its Warp to the Discovery.

To unlock this ability, make sure you:
  • have the USS Discovery ship
  • complete the 'USS Discovery Summoning' Research in the Galaxy Research tree

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