Currently Server Transfer is available for players level 12 and below on a limited number of servers. This is to help newer players join their friends on servers where they've already established their stations and Alliances.

New players first entering the game will be randomly placed on a server and receive a 'Novice' transfer token in their 'Gifts' section. To transfer to another server, simply follow the steps below:
  • Tap on your Profile Picture in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Go to the 'Settings' menu > 'Universe Transfer'
  • Select the server you wish to transfer to from the list
Server transfer is only possible once. If the server is available for transfer, you will see a green 'Transfer' button to tap. Note that some servers may appear as 'Unavailable' due to reaching maximum capacity.
Will I lose any progress or resources?
No, you will keep your level and station progression, ships, officers and resources. Have in mind that you cannot keep your Alliance, this means that you will lose any progress towards ongoing Alliance events. Additionally chat and battle logs will be wiped out.

Where will I transfer in the system?
You will be placed into a random system. After the transfer is complete, a relocation token will be added to your inventory so you can move to a system of your choice.

What will happen to my Alliance?- If you have your own Alliance, someone else in your Alliance will be randomly appointed to Admiral once you transfer.
If you are an Alliance member, then you will no longer be part of that Alliance. Alliances remain on the server where they were initially created.

What if I level up above level 12 before using my token?
Server Transfer is only possible if you're level 12 or below. You will not be allowed to transfer if you surpass level 12, even if you still have the token.

Can I transfer multiple times?- No, Server Transfer is allowed only once.

I transferred to another server but it's not what I expected. How can I go back?- Server Transfer works only once, there is no way to go back or for our team to revert the change. There are several in-game warnings to indicate that before the transfer is complete.

The server I want to transfer to is closed/greyed-out. Why can't I transfer there?- This is because the server is currently on 'cooldown' or under maintenance. Note that some servers may be permanently closed due to reaching maximum capacity.

I am level 12 or below and don't see the token. What should I do?- Server Transfer is only available on a limited number of servers. If you are not sure if you're supposed to see the token or not, please contact our Customer Support for more information.

I am above level 12 but want to change my server. Why is there no option?- Currently Server Transfer is only allowed for players level 12 and below. We are looking into other options to diversify the gameplay for our senior playerbase.