The Rogue faction is a new faction unlocked at player level 27, with its own:
  • Rogue Reputation
  • Rogue Faction Credits
  • Rogue Faction Store
  • Rogue Space
The Rogue faction is similar to the existing Augment faction in that progressing within this faction does not impact your progression with the Federation, Romulan and Klingon factions. The collective name for both the Rogue and Augment factions is ‘Outlaws’, which is why the Research tree including Augment and Rogue related researches is called the Outlaw Tree.

Rogue Reputation
Rogue Reputation is mainly earned by exchanging resources in the Rogue Store. Defeat hostiles and Armada Targets in the new Rogue and Exchange systems to gain resources that can be spent for credits and reputation in the Rogue Store.

Note that gaining Rogue Reputation would make revenge hostiles within the Rogue Space more aggressive towards your ships.