Harry Mudd's Ship - the Stella excels at fighting Eclipse hostiles and Outlaw Armadas.

How to Acquire the Stella
Keep an eye for events and event stores in order to get blueprints to build the Stella.
Also consider that before you can build the ship, you should first complete the “Stella Research” in the Outlaws Research tree. This research is essential and gives up to 300% bonus damage to the Stella when fighting Eclipse targets."

Stella's Unique Mechanic
Tier up the Stella, fight off the new hostiles and then scrap and rebuild the Stella to gain rewards! Use the Outlaws Research tree to upgrade the Stella’s power and capability.

To make the Stella stronger, you must build her, kill hostiles, level her up, and then scrap her. Remember, the higher level the Stella is, the more resources you’ll receive from scrapping her. The most important resource is the Stella Particles. These allow you to research specific nodes within the Outlaws research tree that would help buff the Stella. Once the Stella has been scrapped, a blueprint token will be provided which can be used in the Rogue Faction Store to acquire all the necessary blueprints to rebuild the Stella.

Upgrading the Stella
Upgrading the ship works as usual. You can receive materials to upgrade her by doing the quests from the Outlaws Loop and by spending those credits in the Faction Store.