At the beginning of each month, you’ll be given the opportunity to purchase a Monthly Chip pack. By purchasing the pack you’ll receive a total of 300 chips that you can redeem daily (10 per day used) in the Resources section of the Store. Note that each pack is redeemable within the current and the next month, giving you up to 60 days to use all monthly Chips. A timer is displayed at the top of each Reward Pack in the Resources tab to let you know when the pack will disappear. You need to redeem your packs daily or else your Chips will be lost.

I leveled up and I can see I can purchase Chips again, should I? There is a limit of 1 monthly pack per player. Sometimes you may see the pack again within the same month. It is important to note that you can only redeem 10 Chips per day, and you would have the current month and the next one to do so, which can be anywhere between 31 and 60 days depending on when you purchase the pack. Please have the recommended limit in mind when purchasing your packs and allow yourself enough time to redeem all Chips. We won't be able to assist further once the two-month period is over. 

Why am I able to re-purchase chip packs if I level up? Currently, we are aware that you may see the offer again. Limiting the packs' availability would mean that some players may not be able to see the packs of their choice. We rely on your understanding to not abuse the system and help us provide everyone with an equal opportunity to get their monthly Chip Rewards.

I have some remaining Chips and the Rewards Chest is gone now. There is always a visible timer on the Chest in the Resources tab indicating when it will expire. The monthly Chips are only redeemable within the 2 months announced and cannot be used once the Rewards Pack expires. This information is available in our FAQ section, and as the Chips are not transferable to the next month, we would not be able to assist further.