Using Transwarp Cells
You can now travel to the new Borg Systems using Transwarp Cells. Once a warp is initiated the required amount of Transwarp Cells will be used from your inventory. Note that by cancelling the warp you would lose those Cells. Transwarp Cells are always consumed for initiating the travel.

Obtaining Transwarp Cells
Once you built the Vi'dar ship, Transwarp Cells can be obtained through a chest in your Gifts Section available every 22 hours. This is intended and meant to protect players from warping to the new systems before they are ready to fight off the Borg Tactical Probes. Borg Tactical Probes are hard to defeat, unless you are using the Vi'dar ship.

Transwarp Cells Limit
You can have up to 8 Transwarp Cells in your inventory. If you currently have more than 8 Transwarp Cells, you would not be able to claim the Chest, unless you've spent some and have less than 8 Cells again.

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