Chat Location
You can access the main chat page by tapping on the chat preview box on the top center of your screen when you’re in a map view.
Chat Preview
The chat preview box will show you the last 2 messages sent in chat. Swipe left and right on this window to switch between galaxy chat (all players in the game) and Alliance chat.

Chat Notifications
Sometimes you’ll see a red number on the bottom left of the chat preview box. This number indicates the number of unread private and Alliance messages. Open the main chat page and view those messages to clear the notification.
Main Chat Page Navigation
Tap on a tab on the top of the main chat page to navigate between galaxy chat (all players in the game), Alliance chat, and private chat
Sending a Message
Tap on the white textbox on the bottom of the screen to open a keyboard and send a message in the chat that you’re looking at (the highlighted chat on the top of the page).

How do I report or block a player?

Tap on any chat message to open a menu. Then tap the report or block button in that menu to report or block a player.

Block a player to stop receiving messages from them. You will also be unable to send messages to blocked players.

Report a player if they used inappropriate language and an admin will review that player’s case.
How do I unblock a player?

Tap on the manage button on the top right of the main chat page to view a list of players you’ve blocked and unblock them.