What is "The Road"?

In order to take your matches to The Road, you’ll have to choose “The Road” and complete matches in the different tours offered on The Road. To see to the matches available to you on The Road, follow these steps:  

  1. Select “Career” on your home screen

  2. Once selected, you are able to select different tours on The Road by selecting “Change Tour” and picking from an available list of tours

  3. Upon making your choice, you’ll be taken to a map that reveals all of the matches you’ll have to win in order to complete the level.

  4. Progress through the Modes on each tour by completing Normal and unlocking Hard and Hell Modes. Unlocking each level will enable the level for future replay.

Each match that you complete for the first time will grant you valuable first time rewards and prizes that get progressively better the further you progress on the map! Play these levels again to unlock additional prizes.

Matches on The Road will vary between standard 1v1 matches or tag team matches that are always fought against the game itself, rather than another player. Give it your best shot, and conquer The Road!