What is a tag team match?  

Tag team matches are similar to 1v1 matches, however tag team matches contain teams of two, in which you and your opponent select two Superstars each prior to entering the match.

Can I select which of my Superstars enters the ring first?

Yes. When selecting Superstars for your tag team match, you will have two empty slots. The first slot on the left signifies that this Superstar will be the first one to have a turn when the match begins.

Is there a difference in how I should play tag team matches versus 1v1 matches?

Yes. Once the match begins, you’ll see your tag-team partner’s health bar located just below the standard health bar for the Superstar that you have in the ring first. Next to the tag-team partner’s picture in the top left corner is a number which indicates how many turns you have to take before you can tag them in. As soon as the tag is ready, you can choose to tag your partner in on any of your subsequent turns.

Remember, you’ll have to wait for the tag to be ready once again before you can tag your original Superstar back into the ring. Don’t forget that you can also use a tag to get out of a pin!