All of your superstars have access to a number of moves. Make sure you understand every aspect of these moves so that you can put your opponent down for the count.

How to equip moves:
Moves can be equipped by going to your roster, choosing a superstar, pressing the “Moves” button. Tapping on an inactive move will allow you to select an existing move to be swapped with.

All superstars can take 3 moves into battle. Stronger superstars may have 4 or more moves, so you get to choose which 3 abilities are best for you to play with.

How to train moves:
When a move is selected, pressing the “Train” button will allow you to level up the move if you have a training poster matching the superstar color type OR a duplicate of the superstar in your inventory.

How to unlock more moves:
New moves are unlocked whenever you evolve a superstar. Keep leveling, enhancing, and evolving your Superstars to gain full access to their most potent moves!